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Growing Through Divorce: A New Chapter in Your Life

By Split Happy in Blog on Feb 22, 2021

Ending a marriage is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make. It’s stressful, tiresome, and downright disappointin


So you have decided to Divorce. Here is a helpful 10 step guide to reference as you go through this process.

By Split Happy in Blog on Feb 15, 2021

1. Have a Divorce Plan: Protect Yourself, Your Children, and Your Property

If you have made the decision to divorce, plan


Top Six Reasons For Divorce

By Split Happy in Blog on Feb 1, 2021

Divorce is never easy—not for the couple, not for the kids, not for anyone. Seeking permanent separation isn’t a decisio


How To Stay Happy In A Relationship And Avoid Divorce

By Split Happy in Blog on Jan 26, 2021

The honeymoon phase of a relationship is often the best—you’re madly in love and nothing can stop you. Unfortunately, it


Keep Your Cool: How to stop minor issues from growing into a blow-out fight

By Split Happy in Blog on Jan 8, 2021

There comes a time in every relationship when couples start driving each other crazy. They often confuse household issue