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Mediaton support Complete Forms File with the court Divorce mediation offers a faster, cheaper,and friendlier way to split up. We believe that mediation will help you reach agreement on tough issues and Split Happy. If you have already agreed on the key issues, then you just need the paperwork. Our user friendly “DIY” divorce questionnaire system will complete the forms based on your responses. Check, print, sign, and file your divorcewith the Court. We offer a 100% court form approval guarantee. 3 2 1 GET DIVORCED IN JUST A FEW STEPS SPLIT HAPPY Need help to reachan agreement? We've got this!
Mediation Support SPLIT HAPPY GET DIVORCED IN JUST A FEW STEPS Complete Forms 1 2 3 File with the Court Need help to reach an agreement? We've got this!


No special skills are needed to complete the questionnaires. Getting divorced will now be easier, faster and possibly even lighthearted with Split Happy. Divorce navigator helps you navigate your divorce process from start to end. Flexibility to amend information entered at any point through DIY tool. Carefully prepared hints help you smoothly pass through the questionnaires with no complicated legal terminology.


Using our online “Do-It-Yourself” questionnaire system will help you fill out the needed forms and get through the step-by-step splitting process in a shorter amount of time. Designed for Petitioner and Respondent property automated calculations to save your time and avoid unnecessary mistakes. Fast and smooth transitions from one section of the questionnaire to another. You can get your divorce forms instantly right after completion of questionnaires. Generated divorce forms are editable in case you need to amend them. Skip entering the same information multiple times.

Start to End

Comprehensive questionnaires with a complete set of forms with detailed filing instructions. Our team will be with you from start to finish making sure you are satisfied with the process along the way.